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This “News & Information” is a near live feed of David’s Facebook page. Everything happening you need to know can be found here or there. Make sure to follow of friend him and to like all of his posts. Also, don’t be afraid to tell him how much you love his website.

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4 weeks ago
David Rosenfelt

Just thought I would share a photo from my book signing last night. The person who introduced me had said, "If you think David Rosenfelt is America's greatest author, raise your hand." ... See MoreSee Less

Just thought I would share a photo from my book signing last night. The person who introduced me had said, If you think David Rosenfelt is Americas greatest author, raise your hand.

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You are almost as witty as Andy Carpenter. 😁

Reading Holy Chow now. Have all your books. My Hand is raised ❤️🐾❤️. We love dogs here ❤️

Definitely the most entertaining author. That you have us trained to raise our hands is awesome too as is laughing on cue!

Wonderful book. Keep them coming. Thank you.

They should’ve raised both hands! I sure would’ve 🙂  Just like your books, your posts are awesome! Keep them coming

Absolutely awesome!!! We love love love your books!!!

You teased us with a hint of much-missed Song Talk - more of this in the next book, please !!!!!

Just finished Holy Chow. Loved it. A long wait begins again.

Funny! You are indeed a great great writer.💞🐶

Love it! ❤️ I love every book you’ve written!!! Waiting for my copy of Holy Chow!!!!

Love all your books they are a perfect diversion for all that's going on right now.

You are so funny! Loved Holy Chow!

Love your books! Listening to Holy Chow now! Love it so far! ❤️🐾

I’m almost finished with Holy Chow & as usual, I love it. Mr Dr also loves your books. If I ever need a criminal attorney, you’re the one I want!

I love your sense of humor!

My hand is up! Loved Holy Chow.

Love all the books, each one is better than the last😊

Yes, it was a star studded event. That’s me just behind the guy in the McDonald’s crown.

I can absolutely see this happening. If your book signing had been closer we would have been there.

I think your sense of humor is showing.

No hands down in that crowd. You are such a hands-up kind of guy. Way to go David. Yippee

I love your books. Please never stop writing

Absolutely true! That’s me in the front row!

Reading it now! Great…as usual ❤️🙏🏻

Yep! I know this has got to be true!

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1 month ago
David Rosenfelt

"Holy Chow" hit the USA Today Bestseller list this morning. If you've already bought it, thank you. If you're planning to buy it, thank you. If you haven't bought it and aren't planning to, good and decent people are staring at you on the street and mocking you behind your back. ... See MoreSee Less

Holy Chow hit the USA Today Bestseller list this morning. If youve already bought it, thank you. If youre planning to buy it, thank you. If you havent bought it and arent planning to, good and decent people are staring at you on the street and mocking you behind your back.

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Loved the books, but I was discussing this with my catahoula the other day - we miss the song talking!

These books need to be longer imo. I finish them in a couple days and my world loses all color until the next one is released 😔 Would 1,000 pages be too much to ask?? Lol

They don’t know what they’re missing in Marcus!!!

I am on the library list for this one. Sometimes I buy and sometimes it is the library. Either way I look forward to reading your books.

Great read. Love the series.

Already purchased the audiobook and listened twice!

I have got my audiobook and can’t wait to listen to it

Just finished the audiobook and loved it! But someone should have proof-listened to the audiobook before releasing. It's KCl (with a small L) not KCI (with a capital I). Potassium Chloride (KCl - pronounced kay-cee-el). Font choice can make it difficult to tell the difference. Thank you for a great read though... ❤️

Thank God I'm safe. Just got it from the library after asking them to buy it 💜

Congratulations 🎉🎉🎉. The book is great reading. I love it

Bought it, loved it, and as with all of your books and unlike other mysteries, I did not figure out, “who done it”before the big reveal.

I just got my copy from the library. Thank you☺️ Can’t wait to start it.

I loved the book! Look forward to some of yours that I haven't gotten to yet. I have thoroughly enjoyed each one I've read so far. Love your humor as well.

Love listening to your books. I'm visually impaired and I download them and I have read them two or three times are ready each book can't wait for the new one I'll definitely get it immediately love your sense of humor in your love of animals.

Loved it! Do not under any circumstances let anything bad ever happen to Andy or Marcus! Actually all of the characters!❤️

I'm reading your book now and I love it Thank you for writing such great books

Another one you knocked out of the park. Loved it. Great job. Keep them coming please. And congratulations to grover Gardner for another outstanding job with the reading. He's the best.

Well as usual David Rosenfelt doesn’t disappoint. I really enjoyed this book & the characters, especially Marcus, are as terrific as always.

Great book. Love all your books. Can't wait for the next K Team as well as Andy !!!!!!! ❤️

I bought the audio book and listen to it twice because I didn't want it to end. Can you write longer books and not so long between them.

Of course I bought it! Already half way through! You always make me smile! Love the dogs, love the characters!

Lucky me I won’t get mocked, I bought it, read it and loved it. 5 stars!

I love his books!!! Laugh out loud & yet excellent crime drama playing out !!! Highly recommend

All you books are awesome

Just finished it. The book was great.

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1 month ago
David Rosenfelt

If for some reason you haven't read "Holy Chow" yet, don't bother going to a cocktail party tonight. It is all anyone will be talking about. ... See MoreSee Less

If for some reason you havent read Holy Chow yet, dont bother going to a cocktail party tonight. It is all anyone will be talking about.

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Got it yesterday - finished it last night! Too good to put down! Thank you Mr. Rosenfelt for always writing the best stories possible!

Got mine yesterday from pre-order so I didn't miss it. Very hard to put down. Another great novel.............

It must be tough for you being so talented and famous 😊

Already finished! Loved it as always!

My copy won’t be here until tomorrow. I’ll just have a pity-party by myself tonight!

Reading it now. Already had several laugh out loud moments. Love it.

I'm pacing myself. I go through your books too quickly.

My copy just arrived today so the cocktail parties will have to wait!

I just finished it & as all of the Andy Carpenter books it was great!!

Half way through it. Can't put it down! Thank you again for another great read!

Bought it a few hours ago at Barnes & Noble. Very much looking forward to reading it tonight !!! 🙂

I love your self talk. I’m looking forward to it. Love Andy Carpenter

So Looking forward to it!. Like every andy carpenter series. But as a senior and on limited income have to wait until it comes to our library. 😭

I'm almost done with it and i don't want to stop reading it, but I'm trying to go slow, cuz I don't want it to end. Then I'll have to wait so long for the next one! 😔

Haven't read it yet but it's in my tbr for sure. Never miss Andy Carpender or the canine crew.

I started it last night. As always Andy just makes me laugh!

Just started this and I love it.

I always look forward to your books just love them. The only negative thing I can say is that I have to wait so long for the next one lol

Sweet! My copy was delivered today!!!! 🐶💙

Loving the audible version!

Looking forward to it! Mine came in the mail today!!

Feeling a little uncomfortable as I see I am already up to 49%

Your humility is touching, LOL am starting it this evening

I’m more excited about this book than Lori is about Christmas!!

All in good time, precious😉

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1 month ago
David Rosenfelt

Today America celebrates its independence. Tomorrow, with the release of "Holy Chow", America solidifies its position as the world leader in sophisticated literature. Not since "Dachshund Through the Snow", coincidentally also by David Rosenfelt, has there been a work of such subtle brilliance. ... See MoreSee Less

Today America celebrates its independence. Tomorrow, with the release of Holy Chow, America solidifies its position as the world leader in sophisticated literature. Not since Dachshund Through the Snow, coincidentally also by David Rosenfelt, has there been a work of such subtle brilliance.

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I’ve already ordered the audiobook. Grover Gardner is Andy Carpenter. No other voice will do.

I just got back from a holiday road trip and got to catch up some. Listened to Silent Bite and Dog Eat Dog on audible. I absolutely love Grover’s narration. Got a chuckle out of the David Rosenfelt reference in the book. Nice touch! Next up is Best in Snow.

Oh Susan Rovegno Decker here is a good one for you!! And we know David writes a fabulous book and devotes so much time to his pack as well as rescues!!

I’m so happy i found you as an author! I so love Andy Carpenter and crew!

Congratulations! I'm reading Holy Chow right now. My mom and I were always excited on the day your books come out. She passed away in February and I'm reading it all alone and have no one to be excited with. But each new book gives me joy💙

Already started listening to & enjoying it! Grover Gardner is, to those of us who listen to your ‘Andy Carpenter’ books, absolutely Andy!

Half way through and can`t put it down. I have purchased all of David`s books and love them. They have entertained me for many hours. I rescued goldens as long as I was able and have had many through the years. God Bless for your suppoort

God bless you for your support of rescues and the fantastic books that you write.

Pre-ordered as soon as I heard about it. Love me some Andy Carpenter.

Absolutely love your humor 🤣🤩❤️

Such an excellent series!!

Wonderful to see such an unbiased review!🙂

Purchased on audible at 2:30 this morning!! So far it’s fantastic!

I like “subtle brilliance”. Kind of an oxymoron.

Just started this morning and already love it.

We all need a new David Rosenfelt right now!!!!

Agreed!!!! I can't wait! You know I won't be able to sleep tonight!

Reading it now and love it!

Holy Chow is great!

It’s out!!! Listening right now at 18:01 Hawaii standard time woohoo!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼

Read it! Loved it!

I liked the pug one!

I absolutely agree.

Can’t wait!!!! The library already has a wait list!!!

My fav author EVER ❤️

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1 month ago
David Rosenfelt

There's a Michael Gerson piece in the WP about the devastation of losing his dog, and how that dog's love and enthusiasm helped him survive depression and cancer. Recently getting a new puppy has brightened his life with enthusiasm and 'thermonuclear cuteness'...a living, yipping, randomly peeing antidepressant.' He'll never live without a dog again. The line at the end is perfect. It says, "Why do we take in new dogs? Because their joy for living renews our own." ... See MoreSee Less

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My dog is old and has lots of anxiety disorders so I can’t get another one now. When she dies, it will be the first time in 30 years I won’t have a dog. But it won’t be long…like many of you I’m not built to not have a dog. It’s not about replacing, it’s about filling that empty hole in your heart.

Thank you for your efforts in animal rescue. As you say animals are antidepressants and so are your books.

Our Sadie just crossed the rainbow bridge. She was our fourth older rescue

Yes, when our last dog passed 4 yrs ago, we swore she’d be the last. We just couldn’t face losing another one. Well, we lasted 6 months and now have one very spoiled dog who gives us unconditional love, many laughs, and so much joy.

Here’s our newly adopted 14 year old “pup” She’s learning to live, love and be happy.

I lost my "heart dog" 10 days ago, and I'm so glad I have other dogs already in my home, but it's amazing how 4 dogs becoming 3 dogs makes my house feel empty.

I had dogs for 29 years when I lost my last lab. I lasted 5 months without a dog. My girl is 2 years old now and I got her at 8 weeks.

Love this. I just lost my best pal two weeks ago. It is devastating. I will get another dog someday, knowing upfront that I will likely experience devastating heartbreak again but so much love, fun and joy before that.

Absolutely true no matter how old I get I will always have a dog..and I LOVE Your dog stories

When we lost the best dog ever all we did was sit around missing her. Two months later went to a Petco adoption thinking we will never find a pointed ear tan dog, but went ho.e with a 10 week old puppy. Now we have two.

Whenever people tell me that they won't get another dog after they have lost one I gently remind them of the joy they will be missing. I tell them that their dog would be grateful to them for rescuing another little soul.

How do you plan for a time when your dog might outlive you? I have no children or any relative who lives near me who would be able to take my dog if I die and I just can’t get past that horrifying feeling of not knowing what would happen.

This is the absolute truth. At an appointment, in the regular course of doctor's questions, I was asked, "What do you do if you feel depressed?" To which I responded, "Did I mention I have a dog?"

We lost our 14.5yo Shepherd mix last September. We are both retired now and we went with a rescue puppy from Alabama. He is about 4.5 months old now and he has brought us and our 2 senior dogs (10 and 12) so much joy and frustration. We wouldn't trade it for anything! ♥️

I lost a dog I had nursed through diabetes and getting a pacemaker, in the middle of losing my brother to cancer, getting diagnosed myself with cancer, my sister too, and my mom’s health going downhill. I was in a deep depression. My sweet Sawyer and, 2 years later, his sister Sydney, helped heal my heart. Dogs are the absolute best, purest love. ❤️

My 12 1/2 year old Gertie. I was dogless for 8 months before I got her after losing 16 year old Seamus. That was the longest I had without a dog since I was 11.

Agree but old dogs are better.

I fostered for years as well as having my own. I loved watching those sweethearts come out of their shells & bloom. I would love to foster now, but my latest adoptee (60 pound lab/pit mix) would not allow it.

So true! Im actually giving a TED talk in September that includes that very thing….how my dog helped me survive my cancer I wish more people would adopt senior dogs and give them their best years of their lives

Our (rescued) standard poodle saw my husband and I through several healing episodes after accidents. Now my husband is dealing with a serious cancer diagnosis, and our half-standard, half-miniature poodle is trying to live up to her departed big brother’s legacy. Dogs are amazingly empathetic.

Beautifully said. When I tell people I have 31 rescues they usually give me a very wide eyed stare. But I quickly tell them my house is overflowing with love.

Having worked overnight ER in a vet hospital and enduring the pain of all the loss that occurred, the staff, clients and I all agreed that the joy of having dogs in our lives Far outweighs the pain at the end of their too short lives. I Will never ever be without at least one dog again.

I’m 75 and I got a puppy a year ago. Man, has he ever made us happy.

I miss my forever dog jake the dog that led me from owning a dog to being a dog person and therapy dog teacher when I think of jake I tapped my heart and look heavenward I am sure jake knows he is loved and never forgotten

We recently lost our Golden Retriever (my Service Dog) after 14+years of devotion and unconditional love. Both Ziva and her younger sibling, Maddie (who passed at 4 years) were an outstanding team. I'm 72 now and still have 2 Goldens. We can't imagine not having dogs here.

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1 month ago
David Rosenfelt

I post this every year, but it remains worth mentioning: I totally understand why so many people love fireworks. Sure, there are slight negatives…they petrify poor animals, they open emotional wounds in vets suffering from PTSD, and they maim and even kill many people every year. But all of that pales next to the incredible joy of hearing very loud noise. ... See MoreSee Less

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Exactly we have banned them here and I am so grateful. We have drone light shows instead.

It's also people with autism and dementia who can become very frightened and those with lung diseases who can't breathe due to the lingering smoke. Hopefully this year will be calmer since the price of fireworks has skyrocketed.

Illegal fireworks burned down my dog groomer’s house with all her pets inside. She was lucky that the fire department got her animals out but she still lost one pet to smoke inhalation.

I just love the fireworks as they boom and crash and flash. The sudden flashes are particularly festive as they reflect back from the newest puddle of dog pee in the corners of the kitchen and under the table. And as we turn in after the show, I must giggle as my feet slide into my bed and then further into the damp sheets from where the cats left their seal of approval. Truly it is such a fun experience for all.

The new laser drones shows are going to be awesome when their popularity grows

And petrify and kill wildlife. This is the first year in decades that I have dogs that are not scared.

I can deal with it on the 4th and make accommodations for the dogs, but weeks leading up to and after the 4th get so ridiculous. How can grown adults be so excited by things that go boom over and over and over?

If you can stop some people from shooting off fireworks at home I thank you for my dog and millions of others/

Got my Border Collies out and back in between the M80s this afternoon and the Fireworks starting all over the neighborhood at probably 8:30. Here in Michigan, personal Fireworks are legal from June 29 until the night of the 4th at 11:45. Not sure what the state politicians were thinking, other than we can get more sales tax .

Collateral damage.....we have had neighbors that started by 730-800 and were still at it at 2 in the morning. My 4 dogs wouldn't go out once they started and I went over at 2 am and asked when they were going to be done because DC does it in 45 minutes....wish they would outlaw the damn things....And don't forget about the poor pets that bolt and are never returned....Plus it is now a random two week plus setting them off...daylight included...

Every year I have to put my dogs on tranquilizers, my veteran husband loses sleep, we stay awake vigilant as our horses crash around the pasture, while neighbors pop off fireworks for days. So, not a fan of 4th of July. It wouldn't be so bad if it was container to one day.

Fireworks holidays are when the most pets become lost from fear.

Well, while I get what you are saying, I have wonderful memories of Julys in the past . I am sure we had dogs then, and veterans from WW2, Korea, and Vietnam. All I am saying is be responsible and enjoy America’s 4th of July

I hate them!

Had a friend who’s horse died due to fireworks

I have hated them for the last 30 years when I got my 1st dog. Poor baby was so scared.

Totally agree…might as well just burn the money.

Don’t like fireworks and my dogs are terrified! I’m with you 100%

I just read today that two towns in Mass are postponing fireworks because the piping plovers are nesting.

Reading this just as the fireworks started at the Army base in our neighborhood! I’m not a pet owner, but I do feel sorry for our furry friends, and all who are traumatized during this time of year.

In the wound care clinic the concern is: how many infected bums will we see next week? (Seriously, evidently fireworks up a oal that is passed out is a "thing" and they wait to go in for treatment til it's septic).

As a pet owner, you of all people should put pets welfare above a slight negative! Shame on you!

My poor fur kids have been traumatized for the past three weeks by fools setting off fireworks day and night in our neighborhood. And the morons are still active now even days after the 4th. Guess the price of fireworks didn't stop them this year either.

My neighborhood doesn't allow it thank goodness because of fire danger But always those that don't abide by the law. I pray we don't hear anything this year.

My neighborhood sounds like a war zone! I hate fireworks more than listening to political speeches!!

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2 months ago
David Rosenfelt

I will be doing a signing event on July 23rd in Cooperstown, NY to benefit Super Heroes Humane Society. That’s their Baseball Hall of Fame weekend. Obviously all anyone will be talking about is “Holy Chow”, so I feel bad about taking the spotlight away from David Ortiz and the other inductees. Actually, I would be in the baseball Hall of Fame myself if not for a lack of talent, athleticism and drive. ... See MoreSee Less

I will be doing a signing event on July 23rd in Cooperstown, NY to benefit Super Heroes Humane Society. That’s their Baseball Hall of Fame weekend. Obviously all anyone will be talking about is “Holy Chow”, so I feel bad about taking the spotlight away from David Ortiz and the other inductees. Actually, I would be in the baseball Hall of Fame myself if not for a lack of talent, athleticism and drive.

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I’m really glad you didn’t have the talent, athleticism and drive for baseball…otherwise we wouldn’t have all your great books to read!

We are so excited to have you here! And our critters at Super Heroes Humane Society appreciate you!

Wish I were closer! Andy Carpenter would be proud you will be in Cooperstown. Can’t wait to read this one! Thanks for writing!!

Love your sense of humor 🤣. Andy Carpenter would say the same about being there. I admire the work you do for shelters, for 8 years I volunteered at an animal shelter. The dogs and cats don't belong there they deserve good homes.

Have a great weekend. Wish I was close enough to participate. Love every one of your books. Cheers!🎉

My hometown. Sadly I won't be there.😢

Have read all your books. Love 'em

You have a fabulous talent !

Omg! You are Andy Carpenter! Love the sarcasm! I pre-ordered Holy Chow on Audible - can’t wait to listen! How about a corgi in your next book? Pls?? #fangirl

I ordered 2 books from the Green Toad! They are supplying the books for this event. So excited.

You sound like Andy Carpenter! But then why wouldn't you!

Holy Chow!--I can't wait to read it. Don't worry about the Hall of Fame--my Father always said that "Wit" (being the soul of brevity) is a talent in itself and you, David have plenty of it!

Oh how I wish I could be there!

That's my birthday AND I live nearby! Best gift ever! Can't wait!

Have it ordered! The book signing sounds great!

You should be in the AUTHOR’s Hall of Fame!!! Can’t wait to read your new book, I’ve read all your books😍🙏🏻

I hope you’ll have a book signing in Chicago someday!

Love your books David! And love that you live in our beautiful state of Maine!!!

I have been trying to check this book out at the library but it's on back hold for forever!

You’ve got to be kidding me!! My summer house is 15 miles from Cooperstown but guess we’ll I’ll be on July 23…MAINE!! What are the odds on that?! Super bummed out.

Good to see you out and making the rounds again!

I think you had the drive! So 1-3 isn’t bad.

Well, Cooperstown is too far away from Denver!

Do you have a list of locations and dates somewhere? I'm up for a road trip!!

Andy Carpenter is my spirit animal.

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2 months ago
David Rosenfelt

The new Andy Carpenter mystery, HOLY CHOW, publishes on July 5th! Pre-order your copy today from the retailer of your choice via this link: bit.ly/Order-Holy-Chow ... See MoreSee Less

The new Andy Carpenter mystery, HOLY CHOW, publishes on July 5th! Pre-order your copy today from the retailer of your choice via this link: https://bit.ly/Order-Holy-Chow

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Love Andy Carpenter series. Have listened to each audiobook at least three times! I need a new one. Thank you!

Can't wait 😊 I love the Andy Carpenter series.

Looking forward to it! Already ordered

Already pre ordered. Can’t wait.

The high point of my summer!

Can't wait 😊Pre-ordered!!

Looking forward to listening to Grover Gardner read this story!

Already ordered…can’t wait

Already done 🐾❤️🐾

Thanks for the reminder!

Love ALL if the Andy Carpenter series

Can’t wait!!

Looking forward to it! Can't Wait! 😀

Or from Indigo in Canada.

Can’t wait!!

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2 months ago
David Rosenfelt

The excitement is building for the July 5th release of “Holy Chow”. I’m sure many people will want to celebrate the book the day before, on the 4th, with barbecues and parties. Just please don’t set off any fireworks…they frighten dogs terribly, and I really like dogs. ... See MoreSee Less

The excitement is building for the July 5th release of “Holy Chow”. I’m sure many people will want to celebrate the book the day before, on the 4th, with barbecues and parties. Just please don’t set off any fireworks…they frighten dogs terribly, and I really like dogs.

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I’ve not commented before. I found Hounded at a book store a few years ago. I wasn’t familiar with you and murder mystery isn’t what I usually read, but I loved the dog on the cover and thought I’d give it a try. I was hooked on the Andy Carpenter series. I checked the library and started with number 1 book. I’m hooked. Love your writing. I’ve read some of your other work too, but Andy is my favorite. Thanks you!

I wish that Amazon would make your books into a series on Netflix They would be wonderful 👏❤️

Great, love your books. The number of dogs you have let's me know you're a wonderful person!

Our chow can't wait for the release of Holy Chow!

I always celebrate a new Tara book! Oh, um.... new Andy Carpenter I mean 🙂

David Rosenfelt rescue a deaf dog or two they find fireworks fascinating! Trust me I have adopted 2 deaf dogs so storms and fireworks are not a problem.

Love David Rosenfelt’s writing and commitment to helping our four legged babies!!!!❤️

Can't wait! Had it pre ordered forever!

Preordered the book ages ago and I hate fireworks too!

I’m #1 at my library for this new book! I’ve read all your books & you are the best!!!!😍🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

This is next on my list. Meanwhile I am loving Dog Eat Dog as it is set in one of my favorite places - the prettiest village in Maine. I have family from there and have two brothers living nearby. You do it justice, especially by mentioning local places. Oh…and the plot is wonderful too. 😀

I pre order yesterday…can’t wait…love this series…I hope Andy never truly retires

I scored an advance listening copy of the audiobook, and Grover Gardner was excellent, as usual! The story is excellent, too! Worth waiting for!

Love you and your books but hate fireworks.

Can't wait 😊 We love dogs too😍🙏🏻

Love Andy Carpenter books!!!

It was supposed to be ready by my birthday June 27! 🤨😁🐾

Are autographed copies available at the Poison Pen in Scottsdale?

When are you coming to Chicago? We’re excited seeing you.

I can't wait. I'm so excited!

Can’t wait!! I preordered my audiobook 🙌🏼

Hope it will be on libby audio books.

Keep 'em coming! Love your books.

Yay! Can’t wait to read this new book!

So very excited!!

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3 months ago
David Rosenfelt

Photos from Associated Humane Popcorn Park Shelter's post ... See MoreSee Less

Image attachmentImage attachment+3Image attachment

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Star found his Guardian Angel! ❤️

What a beautiful dog. Thank you to foster dog parents! It’s a blessing for Scar….

Look at that beautiful boy! AMAZING what love, decent food on a regular basis and medical care can do! Such small things in return for all dogs give us so unconditionally from their hearts.💖

Wonderful what a little love can do.....♥️

My beloved Bear came from this shelter. I had 14 wonderful years with my boy. He had been emotionally abused in his short time with his first owners. He was my woofy boy.

I’m so happy to hear this. You made my day.

Popcorn Park does amazing work. So proud to have such an amazing resource here in NJ! I can't take her but donation made!

How amazing! Clearly being loved and cared for made a huge difference in this dog’s life. They are such loyal dogs.

Yay, David, and especially Karen, for making Scar into a Star with their love and care.

All you need is love ❤️ He looks so good now

What a handsome man! ❤️

What s beauty ❤️🦴

Success! And happy

He turned into a beauty. Loving and caring does it every time.

Love vs. neglect. What a difference. I am glad Star is doing so well.

Oooohhhhh. Maybe a book in the works featuring Star!

Thank you for sharing!

Wow world of difference


david ? how r u connected with popcorn ??



Thank you Karen!!

Shared 👍🐾🙏

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3 months ago
David Rosenfelt

"Holy Chow" comes out in just eight weeks, and I'm hearing it's fantastic. If Shakespeare were around to read it, he would say, "David Rosenfelt, thou art a genius. Next to you, I looketh like a hack." ... See MoreSee Less

Holy Chow comes out in just eight weeks, and Im hearing its fantastic. If Shakespeare were around to read it, he would say, David Rosenfelt, thou art a genius. Next to you, I looketh like a hack.

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If you don't mind, Shakespeare, I need to finish the 750 previous Andy books before I reach Holy Chow! 😃 Must readeth in order, so sloweth down a wee bit!

I am working my way through your list. Not too many more to read! Can’t wait for this one. Right now I am reading Unleashed. I came late to this book party, but so glad I made it—your books are awesome!

I've always liked you better than Shakespeare! You are better looking too....and you love Goldens! Cannot wait.....just finished rereading all the Andy and K9 books....going to start rereading the stand alone next...might hold me until Holy Chow is out!

Love this! Can't wait for the next Andy Carpenter! (Well, we all know Tara's the REAL star 😉 ) <3

Thank heavens. I was slowly moving towards withdrawal having finished all the others.

I love the Andy Carpenter sarcasm!! As an Audible user, Grover Gardner’s persona & vocal inflection has made me a Fan Girl ever since “Open and Shut.” Can’t wait for the newest… but, can you PLEASE use welsh pembroke corgis in a future tome?

So excited to see a Chow in your book. My parents met because of my Mom's chow.

Don’t slow down! I can’t get enough of this series! Keep ‘em coming!🐾

Love your books. My favorite was traveling across country with all the goldens 😊

Not only are your books terrific, but your readers can be mighty clever. (See Annamarie’text)

It’s about time! I’ve run out of your books to read.

LOVE ALL of his books. Dogtripping is truly one of the funniest real life dog stories ever.

I am so starved for entertainment that I am in the process of reading all of your books a second time. clever and interesting— my favorite combination

I am so excited to read the best ever.

I’m so happy it’s an Andy Carpenter book!

A new Andy Carpenter (or K9 team) novel is always a welcomed addition to our house.

Love Andy and the gang..looking forward to your latest Shakespeare

So enjoy this author’s books!

looking forward to reading it. I have read all the Andy Carpenter books to date and am certainly looking forward to this one. In the meantime, right now I am reading Citizen K-9

Well said & funny, too!

Can't wait, the book I am reading now is boring.

Absolutely awesome

Looking forward to it!

Yep Shakespeare would say exactly that- or something similar…

I’ve read all yours except the Tara one. This new one has been ordered since I saw it.

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3 months ago
David Rosenfelt

So we've picked my October tour cities for 'Santa's Little Yelpers' to benefit animal rescue. They are Los Angeles, Chicago, Austin, Dallas and Phoenix. Thank you for the more than 100 responses. If I haven't gotten back to you directly, I apologize. I'll be choosing different cities next year, so if I live to be 120, I'll get to everyone. ... See MoreSee Less

So weve picked my October tour cities for Santas Little Yelpers to benefit animal rescue. They are Los Angeles, Chicago, Austin, Dallas and Phoenix. Thank you for the more than 100 responses. If I havent gotten back to you directly, I apologize. Ill be choosing different cities next year, so if I live to be 120, Ill get to everyone.

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Where can we see the dates & locations for each city?

Yay! So glad you'll be in Austin. Gold Ribbon Rescue is my favorite golden retriever rescue!

I just finished reading your book Dog Tripping. It was an awesome read! I really like the way you put real live people in your novels. Keep writing!

Thank you, David! The rescue organizations and citizens in Austin have busted butt to come so far and your contribution will help us save many more furry, loving lives.

Yay west coast! I’m going to try to fly to one of them 🙌🏼. Unless you come to Hawaii! 🏝🐠🍹🌺

Excited for Chicago! David Rosenfelt when will the dates and locations be released?

Hope Baltimore will be on your list one day soon! Love your books and have read them all more than once! <3

Omg! Los Angeles????? I am so excited! I’ll be waiting for more details.

I think Melbourne, Australia, should be on your list. We’d love to see you here.

We are SOOOOO excited you are coming to Dallas!! Thank you!

We are counting on you living that long and so are many dogs. Psst… some of us even LIKE your books!❤️

Will see you in Austin!

Do you have dates for LA yet?

When and where will you be in Chicago?

You are always welcome to DVGRR events! 🥰

I will still be following you when you are 120. You are a little older than me 😂

Yay for Chicago!!!

Sorry I won’t get to meet you, I love your books!!❤️

Ok, even if you are an old man, I still would like you to come to Denver.

I’m in austin and can’t wait to see you

Then you had better live to 120!

Wish you were coming to the Twin Cities!!!

You could easily add Portland, Maine…

Yay! We're just 2 1/2 hrs E of Dallas!! 🤩

Yes need to stop in Ohio 🐾

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4 months ago
David Rosenfelt

This guy gets it. ... See MoreSee Less

Video image

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Well now I’m crying, but that was terrific. He does get it. ❤️🐾❤️

Three tissues later, he really does. We, who are the fortunate, know they are heads above most people.

I can't think of a more impressive heart wrenching tribute.

I’ve lost so many dogs. Even missed work to mourn each one. I empathize with this man so much that I cried with him for his loss!😢

I couldn’t stop crying. I just lost my April Valentine who I adopted at 11 yrs old and only had the blessing of her company three years. She was my soulmate, my velcro, whose only desire was to be near or on top of me. Pandemic allowed me to work from home and I am forever grateful I could attend to her every waking minute. This man’s words expressed the feeling beautifully.

Now I'm crying. For Otis and for all my loves who have left us.

Oh my goodness! Tears in my eyes!!! I just lost my 18 yr old little girl… and the loss is immeasurable!

He does. We just lost our Bertie at 12.5 years. He was the face of our Rescue group and a perfect ambassador for our breed. He was our "zen" dog.

Absolutely. But he’s right, it’s worth it to have your dog’s love and companionship ❤️

Yep he understood the assignment. A dog‘s love is eternal And there’s nothing like it

Wow. That was so moving, and beautifully spoken.

Yes, he certainly does get it.

David Rosenfelt you might want to identify ‘SVP’ for those of us who aren’t as familiar with sports as Andy - I had to look him up!😋

David this is so touching! I have a 13 Cairn Terrier, that we found on the grounds of a local hospital. She has outlived 5 other dogs we had in the house; enough said. ❤️

He gets it. The most loyal, deep love you could ever want to share with another being.

Wow. What a beautiful talk about his dog. Mon will be 4 years since I lost my fiona, I only had her 31/2 months before cancer took her, but it was the best time.

That was such a moving and beautiful tribute.

Oh my what a wonderful tribute. All so true. Well done! 🥲❤

Well just great....now I'm ugly crying and hugging my dogs...

Amen. Your words speak the truth. No matter how much the loss hurts, it is worth it.

Great story. Yes, he definitely gets it. Thanks for sharing!

Does he ever! How eloquent! I’m now crying like a baby!

Thank you for sharing this. Anyone who has the love of a dog is truly blessed! ❤️❤️

Tissues needed for this one.

That was really beautiful 😍 🐕❤️😔

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