Down to the Wire

Release Date: 2010

A reporter for the Bergen News, Chris Turley could never measure up to his father-one of the last great investigative reporters and a difficult man to impress-but still, he can dream. Stuck covering small-time press conferences and town hall meetings, Chris fantasizes about winning his own Pulitzer, however unlikely it seems.

Then one day while he’s waiting to meet a source, a giant explosion takes out half of an office building next door. Shocked into action, Chris saves five people from the burning building. His firsthand account in the next day’s paper makes him a hero and a celebrity. And that’s not all.

The source’s next tip delivers a second headline-grabber of a story, and suddenly Chris’s career is looking a lot more Pulitzer-worthy. But then it seems this anonymous source has had a plan for Chris all along, and his luck for being in the right place at the right time is not luck at all. In the blink of an eye what seemed like a reporter’s dream becomes an inescapable nightmare with his own life on the line.

David Rosenfelt’s Down to the Wire is a dazzling, page-turning thriller.

“A dynamite thriller. Rosenfelt’s sly humor, breathless pacing, and terrific plot twists keep the pages spinning toward the showdown on New Year’s Eve in Times Square. ” (starred review) – Publisher’s Weekly

Down to the Wire by David Rosenfelt

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