Holy Chow

July 5, 2022

In the next mystery from best-selling author David Rosenfelt, the beloved characters – both human and canine – of this fan favorite series are back on the case with the author’s trademark wit and humor.

Retired lawyer Andy Carpenter’s calling has always been running the Tara Foundation. The dog rescue organization places hundreds of dogs in new homes every year. It’s added up to so many dogs and new owners that Andy can’t even do the math. But there’s one dog – and one owner – Andy will always remember.

About a year ago, Rachel Morehouse came to the foundation looking for a companion. In her 70s and recently widowed, Rachel wanted a senior dog that also needed someone. Andy took a liking to her, Rachel took a liking to Tessie, an older Chow mix, and the rest is history.

That is, until Rachel calls Andy begging for a favor: If Rachel dies, will Andy take care of Tessie if her son cannot? Andy agrees, no questions asked. Within a week, Rachel has been murdered, and Andy is called upon to get Tessie. Rachel’s son can’t do it – he’s been arrested for his mother’s murder.

As Tessie settles in with his golden retriever, Tara, Andy learns more about the woman he so greatly admired and the businesses she ran. Holy Chow, was this woman impressive. Andy can’t help but take the case.

Holy Chow cover art

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